Highlighted Fundraising Events: A Glimpse Into Our Successful Campaigns

On Sunday, July 30th, 2017, a Meet and Greet Dinner was held with special guest CRP Founder Valerie Taylor at the Bellozino Banquet Hall in Jackson Heights. The event was organized by Dr. Delwar Hussain and Dr. Mahfuz Chowdhury, and was well-attended by supporters of the CRP (Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed).

The event began with a warm welcome from the organizers, who expressed their gratitude for the attendees’ support towards the CRP. A brief introduction was then given about the organization and its mission to provide quality healthcare to those suffering from spinal cord injuries.

The highlight of the evening was the presence of CRP Founder Valerie Taylor, who shared her experiences and insights on the organization’s journey over the years. Ms. Taylor’s inspiring talk touched upon the challenges faced by the organization and its efforts to bring about positive change in the lives of those it serves.

The dinner was a perfect opportunity for the attendees to mingle with Ms. Taylor and the organizers, as well as with each other. The delicious food served added to the warmth of the evening and provided a platform for networking and building new relationships.

To qualify for US tax exemption, attendees were encouraged to make donation cheques payable to “AFCRP” or American Friends of CRP. The event was a great success, raising funds for the organization and creating awareness about the CRP’s noble cause.

In conclusion, the Meet and Greet Dinner with CRP Founder Valerie Taylor was a memorable event, bringing together supporters of the CRP for a noble cause. It was an opportunity to not only learn more about the organization but to also connect with like-minded individuals, all while enjoying a delightful evening.

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Fundraising Event 2

The Bangladesh Association of Greater Washington DC recently held a fundraising dinner to support the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP) in Bangladesh. The event took place on Sunday, July 23rd, from 5pm-9pm at the Holiday Inn Express in Springfield, VA. The evening was dedicated to raising funds for CRP, an organization that strives to provide healthcare, education, and employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities.

The highlight of the event was the presence of CRP Founder Valerie Taylor, who shared her insights and experiences about the organization’s journey. Ms. Taylor talked about the challenges faced by the organization and how it has worked to overcome them over the years.

The attendees were treated to a delicious dinner, while being given the opportunity to network and interact with each other. The event was organized with great care and attention to detail. The organizers had put together a presentation that highlighted the work of CRP and how it has impacted the lives of countless individuals. The attendees were moved by the stories shared during the presentation, and many were inspired to make generous donations to the cause.

Overall, the fundraising dinner was a great success, with a significant amount of money raised to support CRP’s mission. The event was a testament to the generosity and commitment of the Bangladesh Association of Greater Washington DC and its supporters towards helping individuals with disabilities. It is hoped that this event will continue to inspire similar initiatives in the future, aimed at creating a better world for all.